i love fireworks ♥
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Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

Tonight, we are young. So let's set the world on fire and we can burn brighter than the sun.

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I’ve made this design available to purchase as a T-shirt, and prints!


“Por que todo grande amor tem que ser triste?
Por que tudo cai ao nosso redor
e a gente desiste?
Por que fica tão difícil
se a gente insiste?
Por que a gente sempre volta
se o outro permite?
Talvez o amor
não tenha limite.”
~ Relutei.  (via olhoscordeflor)

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a day before a test and the only question i have is what did we learn

  • fleur: oh, i have to breathe underwater for an hour? better get myself a bubble of air!
  • cedric: yeah, bubble charm seems like the best solution.
  • harry: see i didn't think of that but i do have this handy plant.
  • everyone: what about you, viktor?

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So there’s a blind kid in my class, and today we were having really bad thunderstorms in our area. All of the sudden there’s a huge crack of thunder and all the lights go out. Some girl screamed “Oh my god i can’t see anything!” and the blind kid goes “Me either!!” and i just lost it



 In the middle of putting my hair into bantu knots, my boyfriend asked could he help. I said sure and asked where his sudden curiosity in haircare came from. He told me that when we have daughters in the future he wants to be able to style their natural hair. I don’t think I can love any guy more than I love him right now.